It Is Time To Buy Your Kids The WORLD!

Mike White introduces his paw-some comic books for kids that are gripping enough to stir the imagination of any kid, opening to him the world of possibilities! Mellybean, with his charismatic team of cats, set about to save the world from impending danger and, through their battle, teach all the kids invaluable lessons.

These are incredible bedtime storybooks that jump-start the kids’ imagination and surround them with interesting characters who befriend the kids as they fight wicked monsters and wizards.

Books of short stories by Mike White to encourage early learning!

Comic Books For Kids: A Powerful Genre To Trigger Development

Reading for kids is like water for plants. Proper growth and maturity in kids come from reading, and comic books only double the advantages! The monster comic book by Mike white where shy yet smart, gentle yet curious and brave characters come together to ignite in the kids the thirst for reading and embed in them the virtues that help a person become a kind and generous human being.

Comic book stories are considered an excellent tool for developing children for ample reasons that include:

· comics books have a lexicon of complicated words that improve vocabulary

· the visuals improve memory skills

· increase the enthusiasm for reading

· the illustration ignites the imagination

· make writing and drawing compelling

Mellybean and the giant monster is a monster attack comic book where a fun-loving and brave Mellybean has to fight the rule of a mean old king with the threat of the monster looming around. It is a fantastic children's monster book that takes every child through a thrilling, full of suspense, and exciting journey.

It is like a land of stories as Mellybean braves up for a struggle at two ends. From the arduous task of befriending the monster to holding back the mean king, Mellybean is all ready to win the hearts of your little ones and light the spark of learning and reading in them. The short story triggers in them a thought process that allows them to learn and improve their problem-solving skills. Something that will come in handy all their lives.


MellyBean And The Wicked Wizard

This wizard's book with the spooky tale of a wicked wizard will be fun to read with your kid. As the four completely different characters team up and use their unique attributes to fight the wicked wizard, your children will learn very essential lessons apart from having a scary, exciting, but fun time bonding with you.

The small and innocent creatures teach the kids how it is not your size but your ambition and your determination that gives you the strength to fight the horrors of life. The wicked book for kids is horror in a safety net that allows the imagination and creativity in the kids to run wild, and they come up with different outcomes and scenarios as you read this amazingly good book with them.

As you read with your child, you can use the wicked novel series to help him explain the different horrors in life that await everyone. It serves as a teaching ground for your kid and an amazing scenario to jump-start his imagination.

Mike White Takes All the Kids To An Inspiring, Fascinating, And Exciting Journey

Mike Whites best-selling books are a free ticket to an incredible journey for all kids. There is a desperate need for overhauling of content nowadays to introduce readable texts and novels to help our children to love reading and learning. Mike Whites short stories set the bar for all to help our children grow into creative individuals.

It is said that children become what they read. Mike has seriously considered the saying and produced a masterpiece that values the learning of kids and makes an attempt to teach the kids the truths of life. Since children nowadays spend a significant time using gadgets and other tech-devices. Mike has placed his book in online bookstores to help children make the most of that time. E-books for kids is an amazing way to help children spend productive time on their gadgets. The awesome Mellybean, Chuck, Tugs, and Butternut teach the kids to be a Book Nut! It is a great book to include in your child’s book collection.