latestbookcovermockup.png an imaginative tale about a patient and persistent little pup who befriends a giant angry monster and helps him to find his place in his world.


After falling down a mysterious hole in her backyard, Mellybean finds herself in a strange land.   Trying to befriend a giant monster isn’t easy, especially when the is a mean old king making life hard for everyone.  Join Melly as she helps make things right and demonstrates that little things can make a big difference!

  This "Alice in Wonderland meets The Secret Life of Pets" story may appeal to fans of Jennifer and Matthew Holms’ Babymouse series, The Bad Guys by Aaron Blabey, or anyone with a predisposition for anthropomorphized pets with unconventional quirks.

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“I loved every page of this fantastically paw-some story! Mellybean may be little but she’s got a big heart. With characters you’ll adore, a fun-packed adventure, and loads of laughs on the way, Mellybean proves that anything is possible with a bit of help from your friends.”


Sam Hay 

Author of the Spy Penguins and

the Undead Pets series

“All hail Mellybean! A fun action-packed adventure from start to finish.”

James Burks 

Author of Bird and Squirrel

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